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a year ago

Episode #5 - The Stout Off

Running the rule over two really great stouts

Episode five is for all you lovers out there.

Lovers of beer and alternative music that is... well as Pikachu this week people who also come up include: Howard Keel, Nathan McAvoy, L.S. Lowry, Diego Maradona, Leo Sayer, Stephen Graham, Bobby Davro, Peter Kay, Michael Holding, Jack White, David Peace and Bill Shankly to name but a few.

The beer match-up is our first ever stout-off: Jamaica's classic Dragon Stout v Seven Brother's Marshmallow Stout.

There's a deliciously salty snack of the week and the weekly game of beer or owl?

Music is recent offerings from John Lawrence once of Gorky's and Liverpool's Paul Den Heyer.

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